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Hi Everyone!

My name is Nina. I am an ambitious entrepreneur from the heart of Long Island, New York. I have always dreamed of starting my own business where I can have fun while working and also give back to our community. I am a former NYC Corrections officer on Rikers Island. I resigned to become a full-time mom to my beautiful daughter.
During the 2020 global pandemic, the world shut down as we knew it. All of the gyms were closed, it was nerve-racking to go out in public and many of us found ourselves falling into bad habits (becoming couch potatoes and not eating right).
I still wanted to maintain my healthy lifestyle, keep physically fit and make sure I was getting all of the proper nutrients the body requires on a daily basis. As a result, juice cleansing became a great idea and extremely important to me. I started incorporating juicing into my daily schedule.
In April of 2020, I decided to get creative and craft fabulous juice recipes. In May of 2020, I started my own business and the rest is history!
My juices help balance and regulate the digestive system while giving us the energy we need from all-natural fruits and vegetables. My juices help fight toxins, boost immunity and improve overall health.

The Juice Box Long Island is committed to going the extra mile to make sure you get the most nutritious organic juice that’s tasty too!

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